A-DATA AS592S-32GM-C 32GB SSD Review :: Features

05-02-2010 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Benjamin Sun
  • Capacity 32GB
  • Connector Type 7+15 pin SATA II
  • Form Factor 2.5
  • Cache Buffer SDRAM
  • Flash Type MLC
  • Performance
  • Sequential Read up to 230MB/second
  • Sequential Write: up to 170MB/second
  • 32GB Performance
  • Read Up to 230MB/second
  • Write: Up to 150MB/second

The A-DATA 2.5 SATA II SSD S592 drive is a fairly low capacity mainstream SSD drive with 32GB of storage. This is sufficient to install Windows and a few key programs but not the music, games or movies that can take many GB of storage. Two of these drives in RAID 0 Mode will allow you to store up to 64GB of data, still not a large amount, but enough to get most basic programs with additional storage required for other things.

The S592 comes in three flavors, the 32GB version Im reviewing here, a 64GB version and the 128GB version which serves as the top of the lineup. The drive uses NAND Flash memory of the Multi-Level Cell (MLC) type. MLC memory is capable of storing more than a single bit per cell. This is less expensive than Single Level Cell NAND Flash memory but has a higher error rate than that standard. The A-Data 32GB S592 has a small amount of SDRAM onboard for cache.

The S592 comes in a 2.5 form factor and connects to the computer with a SATA II interface. The Serial ATA interface has replaced the IDE or ATA interface on all modern drives. SATA II requires a free SATA port on the motherboard, a SATA Data Cable and a SATA Power cable. Some of the motherboards also have an external SATA port with power and you can use this drive as a portable device by using external SATA port.