Thecus N4200 Zero-Crash with Dual Power NAS Review :: Conclusion

04-03-2010 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Elric Phares

Thecus N4200 Zero-Crash with Dual Power NAS Review Bottom


Thecus has spent a long time devising their NAS servers and this shows with the design of the N4200. It supports all of the major file systems including the Mac, Windows and Linux. The unit can take up to four drives in RAID 0, 1,5,6,10 or JBOD mode. The N4200 is not inexpensive at nearly $750 USD, but is a fully functional computer in its own right with a dual core N510 CPU, and 1GB of memory. Overall Thecus has done a bang-up job with the N4200 with a Battery Backup Module and Dual DOMs to prevent data loss when a failure occurs in the hardware, software or power. This is an awesome new feature and is like having a power backup without having to plug it into one. Excellent Job Thecus, this is a great product that warrants an Editors Choice. Editor's Choice Winner