NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 Video Card Review :: 3D Surround

03-26-2010 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

One feature that NVIDIA has had to take a back seat to ATI for is Surround Gaming or triple monitor support. ATI’s solution is very elegant with every card from the 5670 to the 5970 having support for three monitors without the purchase of a second card or an adapter. ATI’s Eyefinity works and it works across their entire DirectX 11 lineup.

NVIDIA went a different route with their three monitor situation. They decided to add it to the card via a driver as the first GF100 cards will have two display outputs. To enable NVIDIA Surround you need two identical GeForce cards, one to drive two displays and the second to drive the third display. The cards need to be running in SLI mode, meaning you’ll also need the SLI subsystem of a motherboard that supports it and an SLI bridge. The benefit is you can run it on GT200 hardware as well, meaning that you can do 3-monitor gaming on NVIDIA’s older hardware. The con is the fact that you’ll need two cards as well as the ecosystem for those two cards to run it. This card is also capable of driving 3D Vision, meaning that the combination of the card and up to three monitors allows you to view games in 3D like look similar to the movie Avatar.