ASUS BC-08B1ST Blu-Ray Combo Drive Review :: Introduction

03-20-2010 · Category: Hardware - Optical Drives

By Elric Phares

With the surrender of Toshiba a couple of years ago on the HD-DVD format, and the fact that all current movies are released either on DVD or Blu-ray the format wars between HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs are over. PC manufacturers like Dell and Hewlett Packard have begun offering Blu-ray players as optional items with their computers.

The standard Blu-ray disc player is good for playing back movies, but as the computer is used for much more than playing back movies, manufacturers have started using Combo drives to both play back Blu-ray discs and burn DVDs for data storage and other uses. ASUS is a manufacturer of computer equipment including motherboards, video cards and disk drives. They also make drives. This review is on the ASUS BC-08B1ST Blu-ray Combo drive.