Kingston 128GB V Series Notebook Upgrade Kit Review :: Conclusion

03-04-2010 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Benjamin Sun

Kingston 128GB V Series Notebook Upgrade Kit Review

Kingston thought of everything when it comes to designing an SSD drive for the notebook market at large. The drive has adequate performance, but it is also designed to fit inside an enclosure to attach externally to a notebook computer as an external drive. The choice is yours whether you want to install it internally into a computer or notebook or use the external enclosure. At the end of the day, the Kingston Notebook Replacement drive is a SSD drive with all of the positives you could want and is available online for under $300 making it a good fit for those wanting a SSD drive without paying the high price of some others on the market that may offer higher performance but cost more. The Kingston 128GB Notebook Upgrade Kit is available at most e-tailors and many PC DYI centers.