Kingston 128GB V Series Notebook Upgrade Kit Review :: Introduction

03-04-2010 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Benjamin Sun

Solid State Drives have taken off in popularity since the lowering of NAND Flash memory has made them affordable. They have many advantages over the traditional Hard disk including faster access times, no spinning disks for better sustained transfer speeds and longevity compared to the traditional hard disk. The SSD drive is also generally smaller in size than a HDD fitting inside a 2.5 inch bay instead of the 3.5 inch bay that the normal HDD uses.

Kingston is best known as a memory company but memory companies have also branched out into other things such as video cards and SSD drives. As a SSD drive is made out of NAND Flash memory, this is a good fit. One other use for SSD drives is putting it into a 2.5 inch drive bay on a Notebook. Today's review is on the Kingston 128GB Notebook Upgrade SSD Drive kit.