MSI R5770 HAWK Video Card Review :: Conclusion

02-11-2010 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

MSI R5770 HAWK  Video Card Review

In terms of features the MSI R5770 video card has other 5770 cards beat as it has the extra cooling, V-points and Rivatuner (Afterburner). The card is excellent in performance with performance that outstrips the competition from NVIDIA and DirectX 11 which cannot be done on NVIDIA cards that are released so far.ATI is selling a lot of DirectX 11 video cards and as the year progresses without a competitive card for this price point, they will sell more. MSI is offering this video card for free for those purchasing a Fusion motherboard if you register and are among the first 100 purchasers of the combination. The 5770 cardís NVIDIA competition is not there as the cards competing with it are based upon older DirectX 10.0 technology, cost more to make, draw more power and only have PhysX and NVIDIA 3D Vision as its compelling features.