SilverStone Grandia GD04 Case Review :: Features

02-08-2010 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun
  • Three silent 120mm fans
  • Positive air pressure design
  • Thick 8.0mm aluminum front panel
  • 323mm depth
  • Cable routing
  • Support up to 180mm long PSU
  • Support expansion cards up to 11 inches
  • Support 2.5” HDD or SSD (Solid State Drive

Graphics card length reference:

  • AMD HD 5870 11”
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295/280/260/275 10.5”
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX/9800GTX+ = 10.5”
  • AMD Radeon HD 4870x2= 10.5”
  • AMD Radeon HD 5850= 9.5”
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX/9600GT/GTO= 9”
  • AMD Radeon HD 4870/4850=9”

Model No.  
Material 8.0mm aluminum front panel, 0.8mm SECC body
Motherboard Micro ATX
Multimedia --
Drive Bay
External 5.25" x 5
Internal 3.5" x 2 , 2.5” x 1 or 3.5" x 1, s.5" x 2
Cooling System
Front --
Rear 2 x 80mm fan slots (optional mounting)
Right: 2 x 120mm intake fans, 1200rpm, 20dBA
Left: 1 x 120mm intake fan, 1200rpm, 20dBA
Also compatible with 80mm fan
Top --
Bottom --
Internal --
Expansion Slot 5
Front I/O Port
USB2.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply 1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Expansion Card Support graphic cards up to 11 inches.
Net Weight 5.54kg
Dimension 440 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 323 mm (D)

Silverstone sent the GD04B which is the black version of the case but there is also a silver version of the case with the color being the only difference. You’ll notice a couple of interesting features including three 120mm fans on a Micro-ATX case. These fans provide a positive air flow meaning more fresh air is brought in to the case to cool it than hot air is pushed out by the fans.

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The design of the case is surprisingly lightweight with a Net Weight of 5.54Kg. The material on the front panel is 8.0mm thick aluminum. The case has a 323mm depth. What this means is that the case will fit into most entertainment centers without modification or hanging over the edge. The case is designed to fit most video cards 11” long and shorter, with HD 5870s being the edge of the range of cards that will fit.

Another outstanding feature of the case is the ability to install a 180mm long PSU. The modern high-capacity PSU is pretty long and the 180mm length PSU is a standard size. Many Micro ATX cases have room for smaller PSUs due to the lower power requirements of a system based upon the Intel Atom CPU for example. SilverStone has allowed for the standard ATX PSU, meaning you has more choice in what to install in terms of expansion cards.