XFX HD 5670 775M Video Card Review :: Conclusion

01-24-2010 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

XFX HD 5670 775M  Video Card Review

In comparison to the competition from NVIDIA, the GeForce GT240, the XFX HD 5670 beats that card across the board in terms of performance and features. To compete with the HD 5670, the GT240 will have to lower in price and in fact has dropped almost 15% since the HD 5670 launched. In comparison to other ATI cards, however, the HD 5670 has higher performance than the 4770, but has lower performance than the HD 4850 which is still available at near the price point of the HD 5670. ATI will eventually make the HD 4850 End of Life and it does not support DX11 making the choice hard for the strict gamer perspective. Gaming performance aside, DirectX 11 support is not very important at this moment due to the scarcity of DX11 games but as we move further into 2010 and into 2011 we will see many games with support for it. In any event the HD 5670 is an excellent choice for those wanting DX11 support from an under $100 video card and a great choice for those wanting three monitor support from an inexpensive card and Home Theater PC owners wanting a modern video card that will fit easily into their cases.