Coolermaster HAF 932 AMD Edition Case Review :: Introduction

01-14-2010 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun

Case themes are very popular in the hardcore enthusiast market. Modding of a case design has become an art with many enthusiasts making a case look like their favorite TV show starship or other ideas. Battlestar Galactica themed cases being my favorite theme but many others have been shown. Case manufacturers have tried to mix the art of a case mod with the bulk manufacturing to sell as many as they can of a design with a certain theme without spending the customization that modifying a case.

Cooler Master has been in the cooling business for many years. Their mission was to provide the industry’s best thermal solutions and they have been making cases for over 10 years. They have been granted ISO 9001 certification, ensuring quality of their products. Their business philosophy is based upon Innovation, Speed and Customer satisfaction. They have designed many themed cases including the CM Stacker 830 NVIDIA Edition of which they have several designs on the market already. They recently announced an AMD themed case, the HAF 932 AMD Edition case which is on the review bench today.