ECS GeForce GT240 512MB Video Card Review :: Introduction

12-27-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Elric Phares

With most of the attention on video cards this year rightly being focused on the DirectX 11 capable ATI graphics cards, some may forget that most video card sales are made in the under $100 market, meaning that even the most inexpensive HD 5750 card on the market is out of the budget for most add-in card buyers. This problem is exasperated by the fact that ATI has only shipped 800,000 video cards to the market where the market sells tens of millions of video cards a year.

NVIDIA has released two new card designs for the low-end of the market, the GT210 and GT220 cards. These represent their answer to the ATI HD 4670 and HD 4770 cards matching those cards feature-wise with the support of DirectX11 and moving the NVIDIA lineup of video cards in the low end to the 40nm fabrication process. The GeForce GT240 cards are the current king of the hill in terms of performance of the new NVIDIA DX10.1 cards replacing the GeForce 9600GT in the lineup of under $100 video cards. Today Iím reviewing the ECS version of this card the GeForce GT240 PCI-E Gen2 DVI+CRT+HDMI 512MB DDR5 video card.