XFX and GIGABYTE RADEON HD 5970 CrossfireX Review :: Introduction

12-23-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

The first multiple-GPU solution that hit the consumer video card space is the Voodoo 2 SLI solution from 3DFX many years ago. Since then, that company went out of business and the dominant graphics card players on the market, NVIDIA and ATI have introduced their own multiple GPU solutions in the form of SLI and Crossfire.

XFX and GIGABYTE RADEON HD 5970 CrossfireX Review XFX




Crossfire has gone through several revisions over the years from ATI. The first iteration of Crossfire required a Master and a Slave card along with an external dongle that connected the two cards. That was soon replaced with a solution using two ATI cards without a bridge. Todayís solution is for a card that requires one or two bridges to be connected to the card depending on the number of video cards.

Video card performance has taken a quantum leap in performance over the last generation of cards with the release of the ATI HD 5xxx series of video cards including the HD 5870, the 5850, the 5770, the 5750 and the recent release of the two GPU HD 5970 card their performance is outstripping the competition in every way. The ultimate performance solution is with four HD 5870s in CrossfireX mode or two HD 5970s in Quad Crossfire mode. Todayís review is on two HD 5970s in CrossfireX mode.