Crucial M225 2.5” 256GB Solid-State Drive Review :: Introduction

12-20-2009 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Benjamin Sun

Hard Drives have gone through a bit of a revolution in the last few years. Whereas in years past the HDD industry has specialized in two interfaces the IDE and SCSI, the replacement of these two interfaces has been taken up by the Serial ATA (SATA) standard and the Serial Attached SCSI standard (SAS). The modern HDD has a maximum capacity of 2 Terabytes of information.

The need for ever faster drives caused manufacturers to look for alternatives to the spindle and platter hard drive mechanism. Solid State Drives (SSDs) were first developed in the 1990s for the military and niche industrial uses. Flash based SSD drives have been expensive to manufacture and buy, too expensive for the average computer user. Recently the advent of the Multi-level cell NAND Flash based SSD drive has lowered costs, allowing for more widespread use of the drive as a storage solution. Crucial is a memory company that has diversified into other computer related equipment including USB drives, video cards (in the past), and SSD drives. Today’s review is on the Crucial 256GB M225 SSD drive.