AzzA Helios 910 Case Review :: Bundle

12-03-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun
  • Thumb Screw for FDD bracket 8 pieces
  • Screw for Mainboard and Hard disk 25 pieces
  • Manual screw for FDD bracket 8 pieces
  • Thumb screw for the optical drive 12 pieces
  • Screw nut for motherboard 7 pieces
  • Speaker 1 piece
  • Cable tie 2 pieces
  • T shape releasable cable tie 3 pieces
  • FDD and Card Reader bracket 1 set
AzzA Helios 910 Case Review Box


AzzA Helios 910 Case Review Packaging


AzzA Helios 910 Case Review Bundle


AZZA ships the Helios 910 in a black box with the AZZA creed on it: One Vision, One Mission. If you know Command and Conquer the game, this is similar to the Brotherhood of Nodís creed of one vision, one purpose. There are three pictures of the case itself with differently colored side fans one blue and one red.

Opening the box we find that AZZA has boxed the case and shipped it in a plastic bag with two foam end pieces. This protects the case from damage when shipping the case. The bundle itself consists of the usual standoffs and screws bag, a FDD and card reader bracket, a speaker, three T-Shaped releasable cable ties, and the manual. Note that there are 20 thumb screws included in the bundle