Thermaltake Element V VL20001W2Z Case Review :: Introduction

12-03-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun

Case design has not always been that interesting, and they starts out as a plain white box, how boring indeed. The first cases were beige, boring without a lot of features and were rightly about the last thing you wanted to upgrade. Computer cases have evolved over time improving cooling, adding features, becoming stylish and generally becoming important as the number of hard drives has increased and with CPU and video card temperatures reaching record levels, airflow and cooling has never been more important to the enthusiast. Iíve reviewed several Thermaltake cases over the last year including Element series cases that each has a theme. The Element G has five G features. The Element T case has five features that start with the letter T. Todayís review, however, is on the Element V case. This is currently the most expensive of the Element series of cases.