Gigabyte GT 240 512mb Review :: Introduction

11-19-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Daniel Cham

The video card market is one of the most volatile industries in the known world and NVIDIA and ATI are really the only solid players left on the battlefield as all the others have been laid to waste by the roadside. The largest market for VGA cards is most likely the mainstream market as that is more often than not the sweet spot for pricing, the price of these cards is usually around the $100.00 to 150.00 dollar range, which is affordable to most gamers.

NVIDIA has been doing a lot of rebranding as of late, the entire new 200 series has been a reissue/upgrade of cards. From the 9400/9500/9600 we have seen the new 210/220 and now 240 series of cards. Okay NVIDIA we have seen all these cards before my stalwart friends, my main question is when are we going to see something new, and something that supports DX11 for Windows 7 users? For now let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what this new 9600 replacement card is all about. Right off the bat I can tell you, the lack of an SLI connector has me concerned as a gamer.