Seagate 2TB Barracuda XT Hard DriveReview :: Test Setup and Software

11-17-2009 · Category: Hardware -

By Elric Phares

We have moved our test bench to Windows 7 which was released very recently. One consequence of using Windows 7 is the inability to run HD-Tach, a popular hard drive benchmarking utility. I used PCMark Vantage’s HDD benchmark suite, Sisoft Sandra’s HDD test and HD Tune, a hard drive benchmark to show performance differences between 3 Gb/second, 6 Gb/second ports if any.

Test System

  • ASUS P7P55D-E Premium motherboard
  • Intel Core i5 750 CPU running at 2.66GHz
  • 4GB Kingston KHX16000 DDR3 1600MHZ memory running at 1333MHz (CPU limitation)
  • 1 Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB HDD
  • Windows 7
  • ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB running Catalyst 9.10 drivers

Test software

  • HD Tune 3.50
  • PCMark Vantage
  • Sisoft Sandra 2009 SP4 HDD test
  • ATTO

Test Results

HDDSeagate 6Gb/secondSeagate 3Gb/second
Write 8192MB134892139810
Read 8192MB150524145625
HD Tune
Minimum Transfer rate64.9MB/second64.9MB/second
Maximum transfer rate141.0MB/second139.6MB/second
Access Time111.0MB/second110.7MB/second
Passmark MB/s
Sequential Read137.4135.8
Sequential write132129.5
Random Seek+RW5.96.1
SISOFT Sandra 2009 SP4
Drive Index112.46MB/s
Random Access Time17.24ms16.97ms