ATI HD 5770 and HD 5750 Crossfire review :: Introduction

10-24-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Elric Phares

The video card market has changed immensely in the last month with the release of the HD 5 series as they are performance parts with higher performance than two of the last generation parts from the same company, ATI. NVIDIAís response is still unannounced besides a little showing off of the Fermi architecture at their GPU Technology Conference in September, but you know those wily bastards have something up their sleeve to make a comeback.

The best single card performance solution on the market today is the HD 5870 card, but what about CrossfireX performance on these cards? Todayís article will cover CrossfireX performance on the HD 5770 and HD 5750, as we donít have two HD5870s to test in CrossfireX mode and will do a separate HD 5850 CrossfireX review. It should be an interesting article as the price points of two HD5770s and two HD 5750s are roughly equivalent to a single HD 5870 and HD 5850. Follow along and letís see how well these cards do in CrossFire Mode.