GIGABYTE GTX 260 Super Overclock Review :: Introduction

09-24-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

The video card market is in a state of flux right now with the recent launch of the ATI HD 5870 chip basically blowing every existing single chip video card out of the water in terms of performance and features. The effect of that card launch will likely affect the various price points of existing NVIDIA cards and ATI cards as they are cleared out for the eventual mid-range and mainstream versions of the HD 58xx series. I would strongly suggest seeing what develops in the pricing space as high-end GTX285s and HD 4890s will likely be dramatically lowered in price in the upcoming days. This will likely have a ripple affect across the mainstream video cards as well. About a year ago, NVIDIA launched the GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 card to compete with ATIís Radeon HD 4870 series of cards in terms of performance and price. While there are many video cards on the market with this chip modified cards with higher clocks are available giving higher performance and overclocking that the reference cards. GIGABYTE manufactures video cards, motherboards and other computer equipment. Today they are releasing a new video card called the GeForce GTX 260 216 Core Super Overclock card called the GV-N26SO-896I.