SilverStone SG05 Case Review :: Features

09-18-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun
  • Ample space for CPU Cooling (78mm in height)
  • Elevated standoff for motherboard back side components
  • Unprecedented 120mm in mini casing for positive airflow
  • Support 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives
  • Mini-DTX/Mini-ITX motherboard and SFX PSU compatible
  • 80 Plus certified SFX 300W PSU included
  • Standard-length expansion cards support (9 inches)

Model No.
SST-SG05B (black)
SST-SG05W (white)
Material Plastic front panel, SECC body
Motherboard Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Drive Bay
External Slim optical x 1
Internal 3.5” x 1 , 2.5”x 1a
Cooling System
Front 1 x 120mm intake fan 1200rpm
Side Oversized vents
Top Oversized vents
Expansion Slot 2
Front I/O Port
USB2.0 port x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply SFX 300W with 80 PLUS certification (SilverStone tuned)
Expansion Card Standard size long cards capable (9”)*
Net Weight 3.52 kg
Dimension 222 mm (W) x 176 mm (H) x 276 mm (D)

Power supply type   SFX
Max. DC Output   300W
Load Range
+3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 +5VSB -12V -5V
Max.(Amps) 20A 22A 14A 16A    /    / 2.5A 0.5A    /
Peak (Amps)    /    / 19A 19A    /    / 3A    /    /
Min.(Amps) 0.5A 0.5A 1A 1A    /    / 0A 0A    /
Range (%) +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5%    /    / +/-5% +/-5%    /
Ripple(mVp-p) 70mV 70mV 140mV 140mV    /    / 70mV 0mV    /
combined +3.3, +5V   125W
combined +12V   22A / 264W
Input Voltage   90V ~ 264V(Auto Range)
Input Frequency Range   47Hz ~ 63Hz
PFC   Active PFC (PF>0.95 at full load)
 Operating temperature   0 ~ 50°C
Protection  Over current protection, Over power protection, Over voltage protection, Short circuit.
1 x 24-pin motherboard connector (300mm)
1 x 4-pin ATX12V connector (400mm)
1 x 6-pin PCI-E connector (400mm)
1 x triple SATA connector (300mm +200mm +100mm)
1 x dual 4-pin IDE (300mm + 200mm)
1 x single floppy power connectors (300mm + 200mm + 200mm)
Color   SECC
 Cooling System   Single 80mm fan
Noise Level   19 dBA minimum
Dimension   125 mm (W) x 63.5 mm (H) x 100 mm (D)
Weight   940g
 Certification   80 PLUS
 Other   GPU Support list

The SilverStone SG05 case is a mini-ITX/mini-DTX case that can fit motherboards of that size. The unit measures 222mm (W) x 176mm (H) x 276mm (D) in size, making it about 8.7x6.9x10.8 inches. This case is designed to fit in a very small area. Despite the small size of the case there are a couple of distinguishing features including room for CPU coolers as tall as 78mm and 9 inch long video cards.

The case has a 120mm case fan, meaning that there is plenty of airflow inside the case. SilverStone says their case can take 9” long video cards and they have a list of cards they have tested the computer with. The SilverStone SG05 case comes standard with a 300W PSU that is tuned by SilverStone to work with most motherboards. SilverStone says they tested the system with the included PSU with a Intel Core 2 Quad 9550, a MSI IM-Q35 motherboard, Corsair 2GB DDR2 memory, a AMD Radeon HD 4850 graphics card, a WD Raptor 150GB+ Velociraptor 300GB HDDs and a Slim Blu-Ray drive. This system is representative of a modern computer system with a mainstream video card, a quad core CPU 2GB of memory using the 300W PSU.