Asus Matrix GTX285 Review :: Introduction

08-22-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

The video card market is characterized by a constant war of price and performance from both manufacturers, NVIDIA and ATI. They release a new product offering higher performance than the previous card in the same price category and adjust their lineup according to the market conditions. NVIDIA launched the GeForce GTX 280 in June of 2008 as their flagship single chip video card. The successor to the GTX 280, the GTX 285 was launched earlier this year.

ASUS manufactures video cards, motherboards, Laptops and many other computer related equipment. They are one of the top sellers of video cards in the world, with full product lineups from both NVIDIA and ATI. They released new video cards based upon the GTX285 at the launch but as usual, have saved the best for last. Today ASUS is releasing the GeForce GTX 285 Matrix “I Rule the Game” and that is the card on the review bench.