Intel Core i7 975 CPU Review :: Introduction

08-18-2009 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Elric Phares

Intel released their Core i7 family late last year. At the time there were three models, the Core i7 920, the Core i7 940 and the Core i7 965 Extreme Edition. Intel CPUs have long been known for their high performance relative to the competition and are at the leading edge in terms of process technology, transistors on the die and features. Their main competition for the CPU market, AMD, has lagged behind in performance and has had to compete in the price/performance category to even stay in the game.

Intel is launching their second series of Core i7 processors in the form of the Core i7 950 and Core i7 975 which is the fastest available Intel CPU on the market today at 3.33GHz. This processor uses the same core features and design as the previous Core i7 CPUs taking up the $999 spot on their lineup previously taken up by the Core i7 965 Extreme Edition. With unlocked multipliers and the ability to overclock automatically, it should be an interesting ride in the least.

Intel Core i7 975 CPU Review