Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Case Review :: Introduction

08-18-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun

Computers of course, have been around for many years. They manufacture cases, power supplies and cooling solutions for a variety of users from the high-end enthusiast to the average Joe on the street wanting an inexpensive case. Their manufacturing facility in China is ISO 9001 certified, meaning that they have to adhere to rigorous quality standards in manufacture.

Cooler Master tends to make cases with a theme. Their high-end cases include the HAF (High Air Flow) case the CM Stacker NVIDIA Edition and the Cosmos series of cases which are designed from sports cars. Their Mid-Tower case series includes the Centurion, the Elite, the HAF 922 and the Gladiator 600 case being reviewed here today. Note that the mid-tower cases seem to have a Roman theme to them with the Centurion and Gladiator names in use on their cases.