Kingston V Series 128GB SSD Desktop Kit Review :: Introduction

07-29-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Elric Phares

Kingston is a company that specializes in memory and since the new SSD drives work off different types of flash memory, this product line is right up their alley. Being a memory company is risky business as this is the most volatile market there is and many a company has tried and failed in this arena. This is due in part to the high fluctuation in memory pricing that can either make or break you depending on how well you have invested and timing. If a company buys a large stock of memory at a high cost and the market takes a dive a few days or weeks later this money becomes a negative asset as the profit margins thought to have been made have vanished in a blink of the eye.

Kingston remains steady due to very well thought out buys and a marketing strategy that relies upon products that have already been making strides in the industry to insure they have a well marketable product to sell to their client base. Today we will be taking a look at the new V Series 128GB SSD unit that is geared for the mainstream consumer market and this should bode well with users who want an SSD for their system, but cannot afford the high price tag associated with many of the SSD devices we see selling on the open market. This drive uses different components than the M Series drives and there has been speculation that the JMicron controller has stuttering issues, but that remains to be seen. For now let's see what the drive is made of and how well it actually performs.

Kingston V Series 128GB SSD Desktop Kit Review