Kingston KTA-MB1066K2 - 4G Apple Memory Review :: Introduction

07-19-2009 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By Elric Phares

The world of memory is constantly changing with memory having evolved from SDRAM 10 years ago to DDR memory, then DDR2 memory and now DDR3 memory on the computing side of things. Single Channel memory has evolved into Dual Channel and even Triple Channel memory offering more memory bandwidth for the same clock speed and type of memory.

Kingston is one of the top memory manufacturers on the planet with memory in every facet of the memory market including notebooks, desktops graphics cards and everything else. Apple introduced the latest version of their MacBook notebooks earlier this year. One of the easy upgrades to a laptop is upgrading the memory on it. The MacBook 13" we use for our reviews has 2GB of DDR3-1066 memory by default. So the question is what difference will a 4GB kit from Kingston give us on the Apple notebook? Follow along and see for yourself.