Super Talent UltraDrive 128GB SSD Review :: Conclusion

07-07-2009 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Elric Phares

There are other SSD drives out there and the competition is starting to brew amongst those who are delving into this industry. So far we have seen three SSD drives come through here, and I must say that I was very impressed with the Super Talent UltraDrive 128GB SSD, it made our Mac Pro in the recording studio have much faster boot/seek times as well as opening up applications and transferring files much faster than our previous BOOT drive, the WD 150GB SATA VelociRaptor, which when we first got it was much faster than our previous Seagate 750GB drive.

This is just evolution in an electronic form and someday something will be faster than the SSD, but for now itís the fastest, most secure storage device available. Some may mince words over the price, but how much do you value the integrity of your information? If you hold a high value on your personal information the new SSD technology is first rate. I have no complaints about this drive, its solid, secure and faster than any HDD you can buy, so what if its expensive, that is a petty complaint as all new technology when it first comes out is costly due to the fact that all the research and development has to be put back into a company to cover their investment before prices will drop. I give this drive a very positive Editors Choice Award.