WD AV-GP 2TB Hard Drive Review :: Introduction

06-17-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Elric Phares

Western Digital has been in the storage business for as long as I have been writing reviews, and they have always proven to have a solid product in their hard drive lineup. They have had the easiest to work with RMA program for at least ten years, it's all online and it works. Reliability is always a key feature when purchasing anything that is going to store your precious information on it, and if you ever lose any you will most likely be majorly bummed out as most of us do not properly backup our stuff and then it's gone forever. The sad fact is, hard drives eventually fail in one way or another as moving parts and magnetically stored information is susceptible to many different elements.

As hard drives get larger and larger we see the prices of less capacity drives going down in price dramatically, and this works out well on the consumer end of things. Now though, WD pulls a rabbit out of their proverbial hat and now we see the arrival of a new WD AV-GP drive that makes it the hot product for storage hungry users who can never get enough storage space. It hits the market at about $250.00 American Dollars, but is now the top dog of storage capacity drives. Being a Green drive means that it is environmentally friendly and contains no materials known to cause harm to the ecosystem at large. Green is the new buzz word being thrown around these days in the PC and electronics industry and as long as it really it's an honest goal it's a cool way to start being Earth smart. The folks at WD have let the beast loose, so les see how well it fails against their own top drives and one of the latest SSD devices to hit the market.