Kingston 80GB SSDNow M Series Drive Review :: Introduction

06-14-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Elric Phares

The devices that store our information for our computers has evolved massively in the last few decades and what used to take up the space of an entire room, now fits in the palm of your hand. The mainstream drives that are based on magnetic platters have been the same size now for almost ten years and with the introduction of Solid State Drives, that technology is about to get left in the dust. Solid state drive technology offers many benefits over traditional hard disk drives including improved performance and reliability. This is due to many factors especially no moving parts in the make up of a SSD drive. This translates into a quiet, cool running, highly rugged storage solution that also offers faster system responsiveness. For laptop PCs, the lower power needs of Intel SSDs translate to longer battery life and lighter notebooks. The X25 drives are 2.5 inch which will allow many owners of the latest laptops to replace their current hard drives with SSD drives just by removing their drive and just plugging the SSD drive in its place.

Kingston uses the 2.5in Intel® X25-M Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drive as the basis for their SSDNow M-Series bundle kit as it has proven to be the most reliable and mid priced leader in this market. The M-Series kits offer exceptional price points and a pretty decent software package. The entire SSDNow M Series drives increase performance with the impressive input and output operations per second (IOPS), a result of the drive's NAND Flash components and the powerful Native Command Queuing. With higher IOPS than a standard mechanical hard disk drive (HDD), SSDNow M Series allows for faster boot times and faster application loads than HDDs, ultimately making a power user more productive. The drives are also almost damage proof as they can be dropped kicked and smacked around without any information on the drive getting lost and literally have to be physically damaged to lose your information. Kingston's SSDNow M Series drives now come equipped with S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to tell the user when a drive is about to fail. Kingston is known to do business in a very conservative manner, meaning they usually only sell products that have a real chance of selling in large quantities and that have enough of a technical edge to be competitive. Intel has proven their X25 series of SSD drives to not only be more reliable, but to be the new wave of storage.