Thermaltake DH-104 HTPC Enclosure Review :: Introduction

05-19-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Elric Phares

Thermaltake is a very well known competitor in the world of cases, power supplies and cooling devices, not to mention their peripheral line of products as well, all adding up to a very well rounded product line up for these folks. Thermaltake has many cases available and so many brand line names it's hard to remember them all. We have reviewed many of their products over the years, and we still continue to do so as they stay competitive and release new products at least once every few months to grab the end users attention. This also helps the company maintain a fresh market and user base as well. This product came shipped in an exterior box with the actual box of the enclosure inside of it and the unit came packed very well, and should not get damaged by those bunglers at UPS who seem to play soccer with our precious packages.

Thermaltake DH-104 HTPC Enclosure Review
Thermaltake DH-104 HTPC Enclosure Review

This is a tough business to be in and it takes a good imagination and the implementation of those ideas to stay fresh and keep ahead of the game. Pirating designs is the most common game in this arena and many companies, simply copy what others have pioneered into their own cases, just with a different name and usually cheaper materials. HTPC cases are a breed apart from the normal enclosure as they are designed in a different way than your standard case. High-End HTPC cases usually have front panel controls and either a LCD screen or small monitor built into them and they are designed to sit sideways and look like another piece in your collection of stereo components. The DH-104 is extremely High-End and designed for the boutique user, who wants not only excellent and elegant looks, but an enclosure that add looks to your existing system. The price on this is series of products is also high, but let's see if it's actually worth all the money. We custom built my personal home HTPC to a very high standard and here are those results.