Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review :: Introduction

05-08-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Doc Overclock

Enermax is a company mainly associated with high-end power supplies, but oddly enough they have a line of peripherals that are pretty cool, cool enough so that I actually bought one for review to solve the issues I was starting to have with failing keys (Mainly the T/Y keys) on my cherished Saitek 2 keyboard. I must say that the Caesar keyboard blew me away as no other keyboard is quite like it. It looks and feels like something from the future and even though I paid a ghastly $69.00 for it I am not discouraged in the least with my decision to buy it as it downright kicks ass in both feel and control.

In my living room I have a really nice HTPC that is running Windows Vista Media center on a 50 inch Samsung 120MHz flat panel, and for some reason my Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo were plainly not cutting it for easy control, not so much because of the keyboard, but the instability and accuracy of the mouse was downright appalling. As some of you may have read last week there was a overclockers competition sponsored by Gigabyte and Kingston, and guess who else, Enermax, which gave us the opportunity to reconnect with these folks and get a chance to see their new products.

Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review

Usually about once a week me and my trusty sidekick and technician Anthony make the rounds and collect review samples as I am located very conveniently by the city of industry and home to many PC manufactures . Today we went and met with James who showed us some of Enermax's new PSU line and their line of peripherals and cases, but instead of getting our intended PSU we obtained a new case and new wireless Media Center Keyboard with a built in trackball. That product is called the Aurora and that is what this review is based upon. This unit is very small and can fit easily in your hands and the trackball feature is really nice as well. I was anxious to get this up and working in an effort to see if it could solve my issues I was having with my current setup using the MCE environment functionality. So off we go.

Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review