Gigabyte GV-R477D5-512H-B Radeon HD 4770 Review :: Introduction

05-04-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

ATI and NVIDIA constantly update their lineups of video chips used in video cards. NVIDIA has taken to re-use their G92 high-end cards as mainstream cards like the GTS 250 which is a good way of getting rid of old chips as well as using a die shrink to improve costs. ATI, on the other hand while doing some re-branding mostly releases a different chip for each market segment. This has the advantage of having improved performance and lower costs when using a smaller chip but has the disadvantage of overlap and increased inventory when changing to a new chip for the same market as a previous chip does.

ATI launched their latest video card, the HD 4890 a short month ago. This card has shown wonderful performance and is available, while NVIDIA's counter; the GTX 275 has been only available in limited quantities. Today, ATI is launching their latest chip, the HD 4770 which is designed to sell in the $100 price range. This chip is also the first video card chip to be based on the 45 nanometer manufacturing process. Gigabyte manufactures video cards on both NVIDIA and ATI chips and today's review is on the HD 4770 from Gigabyte, the latest card to come out of their facilities. At this price range, this should prove to be an interesting card at the very least.