ATI/Gigabyte Radeon HD4770 RV740 Preview :: Introduction

04-27-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Today ATI launches their latest venture into the video card arena, code name the HD4770. The day of this launch we were lucky enough to get our hands on one made by our friends a Gigabyte in just the nick of time. We only received the card late today and only had time to get in a quick photo shoot and read up on the card in time for the launch today. The card looks nice and is shiny red for those who associate that color as ATI's PCB.

ATI/Gigabyte Radeon HD4770 RV740 Preview

We will have a full review of the card in two days, but this preview shows you the basic features and makeup of the new card. 512MB is an okay amount of memory for most games, but having a 1GB version of this card would be a bit better if you want all the bells and whistles to be enabled at high resolutions. This card is set to compete with NVIDIA's GTX250 card as they are in the same price range, but only he synthetic and real world testing will show if ATI's latest venture can actually compete or overtake the 250. For now take a look at the specifications and pics as we bring you this preview of ATI/Gigabytes ND 4770 VGA card.