Lian-Li PC-E8 MID Black Review :: Introduction

03-16-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Cases have many shapes and sizes and the average computer user considers the case one of the least important parts of the computer as long as it "looks good." The high end gamer or computer enthusiast knows, however, that the case is an important part of the ecosystem that makes up a computer. After all, the size of a case determines what the case can hold in terms of expansion devices. The design of a case can also affect how the airflow in the case is managed, whether a water-cooling system is easy to install and lower the temperatures of the GPU or CPU due to efficient cooling. Lian-Li has manufactured cases in all shapes and sizes for over 25 years and manufacture cases in Taiwan. Every Lian-Li case is made out of aluminum, which is one of the lightest materials for a case today. They manufacture cases, computer accessories, aluminum desks and power supplies. Today's review is of the Lian-Li PC-E8 MID Black case, their latest in a long line of Mid-Tower ATX cases that are based upon aluminum materials. It should be an interesting review of a sub-$100 case.