Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review :: Bundle

03-06-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun
  • Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case
  • Screws and standoffs bag
  • CPU Power extender
  • Speaker wire
  • Cable ties
  • Grill for fan
  • Cable tie holders
  • GPU cooler
  • Brackets for a radiator
  • External air duct

Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review Box


Cooler Master ATCS 840 Case Review Bundle


The box for the case is a brown box with the name of the case the ATCS Full Tower Chassis and a stylized picture of the case on one side. The other side has a cutaway view of the case taken apart and a list of the features of the case. Opening the box up we found the case enclosed in the usual Styrofoam end pieces that are common to retail cases. The ATCS 840 itself is enclosed in a plastic bag. The bundle is fairly typical for a case. There is a standard bag of screws and standoffs for the motherboard. The bundle includes a GPU air duct that fits over the PCI slots to cool the graphics cards, cable ties and holders to hold them in place, brackets for a radiator a CPU Power extender and a Speaker wire.