Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package Case Review :: Introduction

03-05-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Cases come in all shapes and sizes to fit every computer users needs. The large case for the e-ATX motherboards and the mid-tower ATX case for the mid-range motherboards, are the most common cases on the market. There are also smaller cases designed to fit into a cramped space that limit the expansion options on the case. Thermaltake is a well-known company in the cooling industry manufacturing and selling case, PSUs, and CPU coolers to fit any budget and design consideration. Today I'm reviewing the Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package case that they released late last year. In keeping with Thermaltake's philosophy, the Thermaltake Spedo case is designed for excitement and speed. The Spedo Advance Package motto is "Think Excitement-Think Speed." So let's see what the Spedo case is all about.