XFX GeForce GTX 285 Black Edition Review :: Conclusion

02-25-2009 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

In terms of GeForce GTX 285, the card is quite obviously a speed bump of the GeForce GTX280. For those expecting miracles on the second revision of the GTX280 this card offers higher performance, more processing power and a lower power draw meaning that it is successful for what it does. This card carries a price of $399.99 online which places it in the same category as the ATI HD 4870 X2 which it outperforms across the board in most cases. The GTX285 is the fastest single chip video card on the market today. XFX includes a great bundle in the form of the hit game from last year Far Cry 2 and the Double Lifetime warranty they are famous for. For those with a GTX 280 they aren't likely shopping for a new card at this time anyway. As we move further into 2009, the 65nm GTX280s should go the way of the Dodo, extinct; meaning those wanting a high end card in this price range from NVIDIA will want a GTX 285. Stereoscopic 3D works with the GTX 285, and if you can get used to the effect on games that are not coded for it, is the future of how we will play games. This is the latest offering in the affordable high-end VGA card and a Hot Product indeed.