Tagan A+ Seenium BM Case Review :: Conclusion

02-05-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

In terms of cable management and airflow the Tagan A+ Seenium BW case really can't be beat in this price range. Seldom do you see a Mid-Tower case with eight fan grills on it, much less for the price this case is targeted at. Another great feature is the toolless installation of drives and add-on cards once the motherboard is in place. The weakness of this case is the fact that there are only two included 120mm fans. While this is understandable in the face of the price and the case offers plenty of options for those that want more, it would have been nice to have fans included with the case. The other negative of this case is the lack of external SATA ports on the FP IO, a feature that has found its way unto much more expensive cases. Overall this case is excellent for what it is supposed to do, offer plenty of airflow and options for a new computer without needing to rob the bank to buy it and I would recommend it for the end-user wanting to spend under $70 on a case.