Tagan A+ Seenium BM Case Review :: Introduction

02-05-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

The case is an important part of the computer. After all, if there was no case the variety of computer equipment installed in a case would be unwieldy to look at as well as use to form a computer. While many may see the case as the last part to purchase as it doesn't increase performance in games or applications, but it can and does affect how many video cards are installed, the type of motherboard supported and the type of cooling (especially water-cooling) that is supported.

Tagan is a manufacturer of cases, Power Supplies and Hard drive enclosures including NAS Servers. They make a variety of cases for every price range and user. After all, not everyone can afford to buy a $300 top of the line case for their new computer, even if they would like the features and space such a case would bring to the table. Today's economic troubles mean that there is a lot less discretionary spending on the plate for most people. Today's case on the test bench is the Tagan Seenium BM Case which is retailing for a very reasonable $69.99 as of this writing.