Thermaltake DH-101 VF7001BNS Case Review :: Introduction

01-18-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Home Theater Enclosures are rapidly becoming more and more common for computers as people realize they can play their HD-DVDs or Blu-Ray discs on a television without the need for an extra drive, play music or view digital photos, and record TV shows like a Digital Video Recorder without the need for a DVR. With the advent of Terabyte HDDs and HDTVs with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 60Hz, the HTPC has really hit its stride as you can do so much more with a large screen and the viewing experience is much more enjoyable than on a PC. Thermaltake manufactures a wide array of power supplies, cases, cooling solutions and other computer related equipment. They recently introduced their lineup of HTPC cases, the DH series. There are four Digital Home chassis on Thermaltake's website including the 101, 102, 103 and 104. Today's review is on the DH-101 HTPC Chassis which forms the basis of an awesome Home Theater computer system that is in Doc's living room at this moment.