ATI TV Wonder Combo PCI Express Card Review :: Installation

01-11-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Ben Sun

Installing the card is a snap for anyone that has worked with a computer before. Note that to install the card you are required to have a PCI Express x1 slot or better. If you don't meet that system requirement don't bother purchasing this card as it won't work on older PCs without a PCI Express slot in it. The other thing to keep in mind that ATI does not sell retail packages based upon this card to consumers, but companies like Visiontek and Diamond market it with their own packaging.

Find an open PCI Express x1 slot and insert the card into the bracket. Note that while this card is a half-height card, the bracket for installing the card into a half height slot is not included in any of the retail bundles so needs to be purchased separately. Upon turning on the computer, a Found New Hardware item is displayed on the Taskbar. Installing the TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express software is a simple matter of inserting the CD and running the Catalyst Media Center Install Wizard.

After the driver is installed the Setup Wizard for CMC runs. The first screen is the screen ratio where you choose 4:3 or 16:9. The next step is choosing the TV tuner type whether Analog or Digital. The third step is Cable or Antenna. Autoscan is next where the CMC scans the available channels. Choosing the Speakers is the next step then finally Configuring the Electronic Program Guide from TitanTV. At this point the TV Wonder is set up and ready to go.