NVDIA Stereoscopic 3D Vision Gaming Review :: Conclusion

01-11-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Doc Overclock

NVDIA Stereoscopic 3D Vision Gaming Review

3D has finally reached a point where it is a viable and affordable solution for the gaming environment and NVIDIA has done an excellent job of taking an old idea and turning it into something that actually works. There is a slight drawback at the moment and that is the price of the 120MHz monitor that is needed. Fortunately though NVIDIA was cool as hell to provide us reviewers with a good 120MHz Samsung monitor to get us up and going, but what those guys did not realize is that most of us reviewers are hard core gamers at heart and that motivated me to go out and spend another $1600 on the Samsung 46" DLP that also runs at 120MHz for my entertainment room in my house. I have to tell you that my friends got sucked into playing Grid and COD WAW like mad men, and when we broke out Left 4 Dead everyone fought for a turn to play in 3D Vision on the big screen. Hell I should ask B Delrizzo for a commission as at least 17 people I know will buy this setup as soon as they can get it they were so impressed and absorbed in NVIDIA's 3D Stereoscopic Vision and how immersed you personally feel in the game when you are used to playing, how shall I put it; The old way.

Even though the gaming list provided by NVIDIA spouts a vast amount of titles that work with the 3D Vision interface we discovered that only a few of those titles actually worked equally as well as Left 4 Dead, COD WAW, Grid and Fallout 3, which are perfect games for this new technology at the moment . Any of the C&C titles and Mass Effect we tried to play were out of focus and impossible to get working within the parameters of the 3D Vision world, but Grid worked excellent and made driving a totally new experience for me and my friends. I think we will begin to see in reviews what actually works well or doesn't as time goes by and more information is gathered and experienced by gamers. NVIDIA really does have a fireball of a product in 3D Vision, and I feel it will only grow and grow as NVIDIA has the recourses to make others jump on the bandwagon and design games with this entire concept in mind from the start, and making it a more viable product to the end user. Even though there are a few things not perfect with NVIDIA's 3D vision I still feel it's an Editor's Choice product as when I asked most people how they would rate this new technology on a 1 through 10 scale, they said 11. Good job NVIDIA, this will help breathe serious new life in the gaming industry and help promote the further development of 3D technology.