NVDIA Stereoscopic 3D Vision Gaming Review :: Gaming Overview

01-11-2009 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Doc Overclock

NVDIA Stereoscopic 3D Vision Gaming Review

The 3D effect is immediately noticeable when the hardware is engaged and shutting off the glasses is a rather sobering experience after being immersed in the 3D world of gaming. We only tried about ten of the titles that NVIDIA has on their list of titles supported, and a few that were not and the results were either out of this world or not really functioning right in the game. The two best games we played for the FPS were Left 4 Dead and COD WAW, and Grid. Mass Effect a game NVIDIA says played excellent did not function so. Age OF Empires 3 was the only RTS game that I thought played well.

Command and Conquer of any variety as well as the Warhammer 40,000 series looked blurry and unplayable with 3D now engaged. When the 3D vision works it works very well and in the games that we played when it did, I was very impressed beyond what I expected. The games do get a little darker in some cases when the 3D vision is turned on, but it's nothing critical to the gameplay experience. I would suggest playing in a room with very low fluorescent lighting 40w or less as the ambient room light does affect the way the screen is viewed and I enjoyed the game immersion more than in a highly lighted room. Overall I think this is a great thing that is really even more fun when combined with a big screen LCD TV, me and my friends had a blast racing on my new Samsung 46'' 120Hz Flat screen, and in truth it was pricey so much so that I had to sell a couple of my guitars to get the cash, but it was most assuredly great to be able to play these new 3D Vision enhanced games on a giant playing field.