GMC K2 Ebony R2 Toast and R3 Corona Review :: Introduction

01-07-2009 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun

Cases are important parts of the computer as they can determine the total expansion possible on the computer, the look of the computer, and the number of drives on a computer and the type of cooling on the computer. While many people justifiably leave the case as the last resort, the high-end computer enthusiast will want something more. GMC is a South Korean company that specializes in case design. Today there are not one, not two but three cases on the review bench: the GMC R3 Corona, the GMC R2 TOAST and the GMC K2 Noblesse cases. The K2 Noblesse Ebony is designed for the Multimedia PC. The R2 Toast and R3 Corona are Mid-Tower ATX cases with interesting design features.