NZXT Tempest Case Review :: System Build

12-20-2008 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Ben Sun
  • System Build Components
  • Tagan 800W PSU
  • ATI Radeon HD 3850 video card
  • Coolermaster CPU cooler
  • EVGA nForce 7050 motherboard
  • 2GB DDR2 memory
  • LG DVD-RW 16x drive
  • WD 74gb Raptor SATA HDD

NZXT Tempest Case Review System build components

System build components

NZXT Tempest Case Review 3.5

3.5" drive bay

NZXT Tempest Case Review HDD installed

HDD installed

NZXT Tempest Case Review Motherboard installed

Motherboard installed

One thing that needs to be said before you install anything in a case is that normally you would install the PSU first as otherwise the motherboard would get in the way of installing the PSU due to the positioning of the components. On the Tempest case with the PSU being on the bottom of the case, the instructions for the case say to install the PSU last.

NZXT Tempest Case Review System put together

System put together

NZXT Tempest Case Review Rear complete system

Rear complete system

NZXT Tempest Case Review Right hand side

Right hand side

NZXT Tempest Case Review Top down view

Top down view

After installing the CPU on the motherboard, installing the memory we were ready to install the motherboard into the case. Note that there is a sticker on the upper portion of the motherboard mounting area telling you where to install standoffs. After mounting the motherboard, installing the CPU cooler, we were ready to install the drives.

To install a 5.25" drive you first need to remove the front panel. This is easily done by pulling at the bottom of the front panel. The bay covers are removed by pressing the edges and pulling it out. Remove the drive bay rails, insert the drive and push in the drive rails to complete installation of the drive. To install a FDD simply take out the converter, insert the drive, screw it into place and replace the converter.