ECS X58B-A Black Series Motherboard Review :: Introduction

12-19-2008 · Category: Motherboards

By Ben Sun

Intel released the X58 chipset along with a new CPU interface, the LGA-1366 Socket just a month or two ago. Since then, the vast majority of systems from major OEMs like Dell, Gateway and other major computer manufacturers have been based on the new platform. Motherboard companies have rushed to release new motherboards on the new platform so that hardcore enthusiasts wanting the latest from Intel can take advantage of the new chipset with their new CPU.

Elite Computer Systems has been manufacturing motherboards for several years based upon all the available chipsets from manufacturers like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD and others including Via and SIS which are out of the chipset business in all but name. With the launch of the X58 chipset, Intel is the only manufacturer that can make motherboards at the moment due to the lack of a Quick Path Interface license by anyone but Intel. ECS has delivered a new motherboard into the test labs today, the ECS X58B-A Black Series and that is the board on the test bench.