MSI R4670 2D512 Review by Ben Sun :: MSI R4670 2D512/D3 Features

12-19-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun
  • RV730 core
  • 320 Shader Processors
  • 55 nanometer process
  • 514 million transistors
  • 4x AA 16x AF supported
  • Z Stencil 32
  • Textures 32
  • Memory Bandwidth 32GB/second
  • Terascale Graphics engine
  • DirectX 10.1 Support
  • Pixel Shader 4.1
  • Vertex Shader 4.1
  • Universal Video Decoder 2
  • 512MB GDDR3 Memory
  • 128-bit memory interface
  • 2000MHz memory speed
  • 750MHz Core Clock
  • CrossfireX
  • 16 Gigatexels a second texture fillrate

Brand NameMSI
Part NumberR4670 2D512/D3
Graphics ChipRV 730
Core clock750MHz
Shader Clock750MHz
Fabrication Process55 nm
Transistors 514 Million
Memory clock 2000MHz
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory bandwidth 32GB/second
Memory Size 512MB
ROPs 16
Texture Filtering Units 32
Texture Filtering Rate 16 Gigatexels/second
HDCP Support Yes
HDMI Support Yes (via adapter)
Connectors Dual DisplayPort, DVI, TV-Out
Bus PCI Express 2.0
Form Factor Single Slot
Power Connectors N/A

MSI's HD 4670 is based upon ATI's RV730 graphics chip which is in turn based upon TSMC's 55 nanometer process with 514 million transistors and a die size of 146 square millimeters. The 4670 HAS 320 Stream Processors which is 40% of the total that is on the HD 4870 cards. Comparing the HD 4670 to the HD 3650 which it replaces, it has doubled the transistor count on a 20% larger die size on the same process.

The HD 4670 has 8 SIMD cores each of which has 40 Stream Processors to make up the 320 SPs on the card. This compares with the HD 4870 which has 10 SIMD cores with 80 Stream Processors. The HD 4670 has 32 texture filtering units compared to the HD 3870 which had 16. The previous generation HD 3650 had 8 texture filtering units meaning that the HD 4670 has four times the filtering rate of its immediate predecessor.

MSI R4670 2D512 Review by Ben Sun Crossfire bridges

Crossfire bridges

ATI has been making graphics chips that support DirectX 10.1 since the launch of the HD 3870 video card. DirectX 10.1 was released with Microsoft Vista SP1 earlier this year. To date there are few if any games that require DirectX 10.1 but as we move forward into 2009 games will support the new features in DX 10.1 including better Global Illumination and improved anti-aliasing. One of the big technologies that a minority of enthusiasts has been embracing is multiple graphics cards in a single system. ATI's version of this is called CrossfireX and the MSI card has two Crossfire bridges to allow the card to work with up to three other 4670s on compatible motherboards.