MSI R4670 2D512 Review by Ben Sun :: Conclusion

12-19-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

MSI R4670 2D512 Review by Ben Sun

MSI's R4670 card is an interesting card in that it closely follows ATI's reference design in almost every respect. The new drivers from ATI have improved performance in some areas and lowered performance slightly in other areas when compared to the reference design running Catalyst 8.10 drivers. MSI's card is available online for a price of $79 with a $15 rebate, making it a viable video card for the inexpensive system that the economic climate has forced many to adopt while providing performance that rivals the high-end HD 3870 of last year. As always when making a new computer equipment purchase, one has to realize that it is ever evolving. For now, the MSI R4670 is a great card for the price it is available at.