MSI R4670 2D512 Review by Ben Sun :: Introduction

12-19-2008 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Ben Sun

The holiday season is upon us and I hope everyone has a safe and sane holiday season as we will celebrate Christmas next week and the New Year's the week after that. This is the time of year for Christmas gifts and one of the best gifts that a person can give to a computer user is a new video card as it can improve the game playing experience on the computer immensely.

ATI announced the HD 4870 series of cards in June of 2008. The 4870 was a great card at launch as it offered great performance for a good price as compared to the competition, the GeForce GTX 260 which had launched at a much higher price and similar performance. This caused NVIDIA to lower their prices to compete. The vast majority of computer video card sales are not in the $300 price range that the HD 4870 was targeted at.

Most video card purchases are made in the under $200 price range and ATI decided to target this price range with the HD 4850 which was a lower clocked, DDR3 memory 4870 card. Even more sales are made on under $100 video cards and the ATI HD 4670 is poised right at that price point with a MSRP of just $79. Today, I'm reviewing the MSI R4670 2d512/D3 card. While a lot of headlines are generated justifiably so by the HD 4870, the X2 and the GTX 280, let's see what MSI can do with their 4670 card.