ASUS EN9800GT HybridPower Video Card Review :: Conclusion

11-28-2008 · Category: Hardware -

By Ben Sun

The video card market is constantly changing with new cards released every 6 months or so and prices lowering to keep competitive in the market. ATI and NVIDIA have full lineups that cover the entire spectrum of price ranges from $40-549. The ASUS EN9800GT has several things going for it including a low price ($109.99 after MIR), performance that matches the competition at this price point and the features that matter for the holiday season including DirectX 10.0, F@H support, and PhysX support. The price is competitive with the ATI card at this price point, the HD 4830 and with faster performance apparently in several reviews. Another positive is the silent operation of the card which is pretty interesting considering the huge fan and heatsink on the card.