ASUS EN9800GT HybridPower Video Card Review :: Introduction

11-28-2008 · Category: Hardware -

By Ben Sun

The recent flurry of launches of video cards has really redefined what the industry is like on the market especially with the holiday season just starting. ATI and NVIDIA have completed their holiday lineups of video cards with numerous cards available across the myriad price spectrum. The high-end of the video card market is dominated by the GeForce GTX 280 and ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 cards at over $400, but what about the mid-range?

NVIDIA's answer to the mid-range of the video card spectrum surfaced in the form of the GeForce 9800GT and GeForce 9800GTX. While the GeForce 9800GT is basically a rebranded GeForce 8800GT, with higher clock speeds the 9800GTX is an 8800GTX with HybridPower. The 9800GT retails in stores online for the reasonable price of $110 online with the 9800GTX+ being online for about $169. The price difference is large enough to call them two different price ranges. ASUS manufactures computer equipment like motherboards and video cards so naturally, they have a 9800GT card. Today's review is on the ASUS EN9800GT HybridPower video card.